“Babu No. 1 Bull Shit Guy” Trailer Launch: A Grand Affair with Baby Team


The trailer of the film ‘Babu No. 1 Bull Shit Guy’ was launched in a spectacular event attended by the Baby team, including producer SKN, director Sairajesh, and producer Vivek Kuchibhotla. The movie, starring Bigg Boss fame Arjun Kalyan and Kushitakallpu, is directed by Lakshmana Varma and produced by Dilip Kumar Reddy under the banner of DD Creations. The grand trailer launch ceremony took place with enthusiasm, setting the stage for the film’s release on March 8.

Director Sairajesh expressed his excitement about the trailer, stating that it showcased different emotions in a compelling manner. He praised the positive buzz surrounding the film and commended Arjun Kalyan for his passionate approach. Wishing the team success, he predicted that ‘Babu No. 1 Bull Shit Guy’ would be a big hit.

Producer Vivek Kuchibhotla extended his best wishes to DD Creations, expressing his hope that the banner would grow into a significant entity. He acknowledged Arjun Kalyan’s hard work and dedication, expressing a desire for him to take on more prominent roles in the future. Vivek Kuchibhotla also commended the trailer, conveying his hopes for the film’s success.

Producer SKN, offering his best wishes, applauded Arjun Kalyan’s steady growth and praised the entire team, including director Lakshmana Varma and the music director. He expressed hope for Kushita to receive good opportunities and wished for the film to achieve significant success.

Arjun Kalyan, the lead actor, shared his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the hard work invested in creating the film. He emphasized that ‘Babu No. 1 Bull Shit Guy’ was made without compromise, thanking the entire team for their passion and teamwork. Describing the film as a unique thriller and drama with a distinctive concept, he urged the audience to support the project.

Kushitakallapu, the leading lady, invited everyone to watch the movie with their families, encouraging them to experience the film’s uniqueness in theaters.

Director Lakshmana Varma expressed gratitude to DD Creations for elevating the film to new heights and acknowledged the unwavering support from producer Dilip Kumar Reddy. He praised the hard work and enthusiasm of Arjun Kalyan and Kushitakkallu and thanked the entire team for their efforts.

The grand trailer launch ceremony witnessed the participation of the entire film unit, making it a memorable event. As ‘Babu No. 1 Bull Shit Guy’ gears up for its release on March 8, the expectations and anticipation among the audience continue to rise. The unique concept and collaborative efforts of the cast and crew promise an engaging and entertaining cinematic experience.

Link to trailer : Babu ( No.1 Bullshit Guy ) Trailer | MLR (Laxmman Varma) | Arjun Kalyan, Kushitha, Sonali | Pavan – Telugu Funda 

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