Anand Ranga and Siddharth Invite Fans to Witness “Oye” Re-Release


Acclaimed filmmaker Anand Ranga, known for his impactful contributions to Telugu cinema, took to social media to extend an invitation to fans for a special celebration. The occasion? The re-release of the beloved film “Oye,” a cinematic gem that continues to hold a special place in the hearts of movie enthusiasts.

Anand Ranga, through his Twitter handle AnandRanga, shared the exciting news, “Ok guys!! Come let’s celebrate #seheri !!! Siddharth will be watching #oyrerelease in Shanti theater on Friday 6 pm show. Book your tickets and join us.” This proclamation has set off a wave of enthusiasm among fans of the film and followers of both Anand Ranga and actor Siddharth.

“Oye,” a romantic drama released in 2009, has gained a cult following over the years for its endearing storyline, memorable music, and stellar performances. The film marked a significant collaboration between Anand Ranga, the director, and Siddharth, the charismatic lead actor.

The invitation to witness the re-release of “Oye” in the Shanti theater adds an extra layer of excitement. Fans now have the opportunity to relive the magic of this cinematic masterpiece on the big screen, creating a nostalgic journey back to the era when “Oye” first captured hearts.

Siddharth, the lead actor of “Oye,” will be present at the Shanti theater for the 6 pm show on Friday. This not only elevates the entire experience for fans but also provides a unique chance for them to share the cinematic moment with the actor who brought the character to life.

For those eager to be part of this cinematic celebration, the call is clear: book your tickets, mark your calendars for Friday, and join Anand Ranga, Siddharth, and fellow fans at Shanti theater for a memorable evening filled with the magic of “Oye.”

The re-release of a beloved film is more than just a screening; it’s a chance to revisit the emotions, relish the dialogues, and sing along to the iconic songs that have become timeless. As Anand Ranga and Siddharth open the doors to this celebratory event, fans are ready to immerse themselves once again in the world of “Oye” and create new memories with a touch of nostalgia.

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