Allu Arjun’s inner circle confirms ‘Pushpa 2’ is not arriving!

Allu Arjun's inner circle confirms 'Pushpa 2' is not arriving!

‘Pushpa 2’ is not arriving on August 15th. If you had any doubts, have none. Allu Arjun’s right-hand man from his inner circle (of the actor’s publicity team) has confirmed that the film has been indefinitely postponed.

When a fan today asked him to put out a tweet condemning the postponement rumours doing the rounds, the aide minced no words and wrote, “I can’t, because the film is indeed getting postponed.”

Bunny’s fans are angry with the unexpected turn of events. The film was originally planned to be released in Summer 2023. With a potential December 2024 release date, the film is facing a delay of nearly 1.5 years from its initial plans.

Director Sukumar took forever to commence production. That’s where the whole problem began. 

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