Adah Sharma’s health takes a beating due to weight issues

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Adah Sharma of ‘Kshanam’ (Telugu) fame has had a busy Bollywood career. In her latest interview, she revealed that doing four Hindi films for which she had to physically transform herself in different ways took a toll on her health. Endometriosis is the medical condition she has been diagnosed with.

The actress discussed her dedication to physical transformation for various roles. In ‘The Kerala Story’, she slimmed down to portray a college girl in the first half. For ‘Commando’, she built muscle, while ‘Sunflower’ required a curvaceous physique for her bar dancer character. Her latest film, ‘Bastar’, demanded a powerful presence, so she gained weight to embody a character in control.

The above films are all from Hindi. Adah has not been doing films in Telugu.

Last year, Adah was accused by the Leftists for doing ‘The Kerala Story’, which they described as a film promoting the Saffron agenda.

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