“Abhimani”: Opportunity to Act in a Film is My Fortune, says Ajay Ghosh


Suresh Kondeti is currently working in the lead role for the web film titled “Abhimani.” The team has released the film’s poster for the upcoming New Year in 2024, as announced by Suresh Kondeti in social media. “Desire of a Fan (Oh Abhimani, please listen)” is the tagline. In this poster, Suresh Kondeti is seen in a contemplative mood, standing against a background that seems to emanate heat waves, creating a sense of tension.

The film, with Ram Babu Doma Konda directing and SK Rahman producing, will be presented under the Basheeramma Productions banner. Ajay Ghosh, who plays a significant role in the film, has recently completed his dubbing work at Prasad Labs.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, “I will be recognized as the actor playing ‘Yamudu’ as soon as the Telugu people see the film. It is my good fortune to get a role like this. My acting in this role will connect with everyone. I thank the director Suresh Kondeti for giving me this role. Suresh Kondeti, Ajay Ghosh, and Abhimani have a good chance of interacting with the press. The subject that will surprise everyone in this film is revealed.”

Director Ram Babu Doma Konda, while talking about the film during the press meet, said, “We are completing the post-production work after finishing the shooting of the film. We will release the film to the audience soon. The outdoor fight scenes were especially well received. Out-fight is also excellent. We have finished the editing and shaping of the film in a way that will connect with the audience. Apart from Suresh Kondeti and Ajay Ghosh, Annapurnamma played a key role in the film. Jayakrishna, Aksha Khan, Darshan, Rahman, and other senior actors acted in this film. Choreography: Shreedhan, Photography: Sheshu D Nayudu, Dialogues: Charan, Editing: Indra Karnataka.”

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