Wannabe MLA, comedian Ali retires from politics

Wannabe MLA, comedian Ali retires from politics

Actor Ali, known for his unique style of slapstick comedy in hundreds of films, has bid adieu to active politics. He was associated with the TDP and then with the YSRCP.

Ali said that he would like to shift his focus to acting assignments in the coming years. He spoke of his charity activities under an NGO he founded more than 15 years ago. Ali revealed that 20% of his income goes towards charity.

Ali sounded somewhat dejected that, despite his best intentions and gentlemanly way of conducting himself in politics, he hasn’t got his due. His dream, as is known to everyone, was to become an MLA. But then, that was not to be.

Many feel that Ali moved to the YSRCP at the wrong time. Had he joined the Jana Sena Party instead, he would probably have received respect from Pawan Kalyan, analysts say.

Ali said that, in his entire political life, he never targeted any rival party politician personally. “You won’t find me talking badly about others. I have always desisted from making unsavoury statements,” Ali said.

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