Vocational Excellence Award Honor To Celebrities

Vocational Excellence Award Honor To Celebrities

The Rotary Club of Hyderabad East conferred the prestigious ‘Vocational Excellence Award’ to prominent personalities in the fields of cinema, music, and medicine. The Chief Guest for the evening, Shri B Venkatesham, IAS, Secretary of School Education, Government of Telangana, presented the awards to actress Jaya Sudha, actor Kadambari Kiran Kumar, singer MV Ramana Reddy, and Dr. Sai Padma.

The Rotary Club of Hyderabad East is renowned for its commitment to various service initiatives, including education, healthcare, and community development. The ‘Vocational Excellence Award’ is an acknowledgment of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in their respective fields while contributing significantly to society.

Shri B Venkatesham commended the Rotary Club for its outstanding service activities, emphasizing the importance of social responsibility. He encouraged Rotarians to involve their children in such endeavors to instill the values of service and responsibility from a young age. Shri Venkatesham expressed his belief that societal well-being should take precedence over extravagant personal celebrations.

Veteran actress Jaya Sudha, who has been an integral part of the film industry for over five decades, expressed her gratitude for receiving the award. She acknowledged the Rotary Club’s commendable service initiatives and stated that the recognition holds special significance for her.

Actor Kadambari Kiran Kumar, recognized for his philanthropic efforts through the ‘Manam Saitham Kadambari Foundation,’ shared his commitment to serving the needy. He highlighted his plans to establish an ‘Old Age Home – Caring for the Uncared’ and urged Rotarians to support this noble initiative.

Renowned Eela song singer MV Ramana Reddy, another awardee of the evening, expressed his gratitude to the Rotary Club and delighted the audience by performing some Eela songs in his unique style

Dr. Sai Padma, Head of Biochemistry, thanked the Rotary Club for recognizing her contributions to the field of medicine. She shared her professional experiences and expressed her commitment to continuing her work for the betterment of society.

The ceremony showcased the Rotary Club of Hyderabad East’s dedication to acknowledging excellence across diverse fields. The club continues to play a pivotal role in driving positive change and fostering a spirit of service within the community.

The ‘Vocational Excellence Award’ ceremony celebrated not only the achievements of individuals but also underscored the importance of service and responsibility in building a compassionate society. The Rotary Club of Hyderabad East’s ongoing commitment to recognizing and honoring outstanding contributions remains a beacon of inspiration for others to follow suit.

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