Vijay Antony’s ” Holiday Getaways

Vijay Antony's _ Holiday Getaways

Vijay Antony’s latest venture, “Love Guru,” is not just making waves at the box office; it’s also spreading joy among audiences with an exciting opportunity. The film’s team has announced a special offer where lucky viewers stand a chance to win a summer holiday tour with their families. This gesture reflects the team’s gratitude towards the audience and adds an extra layer of excitement to the movie-watching experience.

The offer presents an enticing prospect for moviegoers. The first prize winner will embark on a memorable trip to Malaysia, while the second prize winner will explore the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir. Additionally, the third prize winner will enjoy the serene ambiance of Ooty, making it a family-friendly affair catering to diverse preferences.

Participation in this offer is simple and accessible to all movie enthusiasts. Audience members watching “Love Guru” can enter the draw by providing their name, phone number, and ticket details in designated boxes placed near the theaters. For those who purchased tickets online, a quick submission of their ticket photo via WhatsApp to 9963466334 will suffice. With these straightforward steps, everyone has an equal opportunity to partake in the excitement.

“Love Guru” made its theatrical debut on the 11th of this month, coinciding with the festive spirit of Ramzan. Distributed in Telugu by Mythri Movie Distributors, the film has received a warm reception from audiences. Starring Mrinalini Ravi as the leading lady, the project is a collaborative effort by Vijay Antony under the banners of Vijay Antony Film Corporation and Meera Vijay Antony. Directed by Vinayak Vaidyanathan, the film’s success story continues to unfold with each passing day.

This initiative not only enhances the movie-viewing experience but also strengthens the bond between the film’s team and its audience. By offering tangible rewards in the form of holiday getaways, “Love Guru” transcends the boundaries of entertainment, fostering a sense of community and shared joy among its supporters.

As “Love Guru” continues its triumphant journey in theaters, the prospect of winning a summer holiday adds an extra layer of excitement for moviegoers. With dreams of exotic destinations and cherished family moments on the horizon, the film’s audience eagerly awaits the announcement of the lucky winners who will embark on unforgettable journeys courtesy of Vijay Antony’s “Love Guru” team.

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