‘Vey Daruvey’ Producer Devaraj Pothuraj Confident

'Vey Daruvey' Producer Devaraj Pothuraj Confident

A new mass entertainer is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of comedy, sentiments, and real-life emotions. Titled ‘Vey Daruvey,’ the film features Sairam Shankar, Yasha Sivakumar, and Hebba Patel in pivotal roles, presenting a refreshing narrative directed by Naveen Reddy. Produced by Devaraj Pothuru under the banner of Sai Teja Entertainments, the movie is poised for a grand release on March 15. Recently, producer Devaraj Pothuru addressed the media, shedding light on the film and its journey to completion.

Devaraj Pothuru expressed his excitement about ‘Vey Daruvey,’ marking the second film produced under the Sai Teja Entertainments banner. He revealed that the decision to greenlight the project came after being thoroughly impressed with Naveen Reddy’s storytelling. The producer emphasized two key aspects of the film – completing it within a tight schedule of 35 days and ensuring all actors adhered to a disciplined timetable. Pothuru’s meticulous planning not only streamlined the production process but also helped manage costs effectively, staying within ten percent of the initial budget.

The core of ‘Vey Daruvey’ revolves around comedy, constituting a substantial 80 percent of the film. However, it isn’t merely a laugh riot; the narrative also weaves in poignant emotions, particularly those related to father-daughter relationships. Sairam Shankar, chosen as the lead, garnered praise from the producer for his dedicated efforts and hard work throughout the project.

Describing ‘Vey Daruvey’ as a mass comedy film, Pothuru explained that it draws inspiration from real-life events, presenting them through a commercial lens. The story unfolds as the protagonist embarks on a journey from Kamareddy to Hyderabad, portraying the essence of Telugu culture and society. Pothuru assured that despite the delays in release, the film’s authenticity remains intact, contributing to its relatability among the audience.

Highlighting the technical prowess of the film, Pothuru acknowledged the contribution of music composer Bheemsgaru, who is currently in the spotlight. The film’s songs and overall technical team received commendation, with senior actors contributing to the project’s efficiency during the shooting process.

Despite facing some delays in the release, Pothuru expressed immense satisfaction after viewing the first copy of ‘Vey Daruvey.’ He anticipates that the film, labeled as an “out and out” mass comedy, will resonate well with the audience, promising an enjoyable cinematic experience. Looking ahead, Pothuru revealed plans to continue producing films on a limited budget, with a primary goal of breaking even and meticulous planning for future projects.

‘Vey Daruvey’ emerges as a promising addition to the Telugu cinema landscape, offering a delightful mix of mass entertainment, genuine emotions, and relatable storytelling. With an enthusiastic cast and a dedicated production team, the film seems poised to leave a lasting impression on audiences when it hits theaters on March 15.

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