TV Actor Chandrakanth Dies by Suicide

TV Actor Chandrakanth Dies by Suicide

Two actors related to the Telugu serial ‘Trinayani’ have breathed their last in a span of a few days. Actress Pavitra Jayaram was tragically killed in a road accident near Hyderabad earlier this week. In a shocking and upsetting development, her co-star Chandrakanth has also been found dead in what is suspected to be a case of suicide. He admittedly faced mental health issues and was battling depression following the demise of Pavitra the other day. 

Allegedly, Pavitra and Chandrakanth were in a relationship, despite being married to other individuals. Their marriages were reportedly troubled, and both had children with their respective spouses.

“In the road accident recently, my skull was hurt. I have had memory issues since then and difficulty recognizing people. In the car, four of us were travelling. I was hurt the most physically in the accident. I can confidently say that Pavitra had no injuries on her body. She was shocked to see my body oozing blood. She got anxious and asked me what had happened to me. Had the ambulance come in time, Pavitra would have been alive today,” he added in the interview.

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