Touchdown Srinagar: Varun Tej and Team Operation Valentine Pay Tribute to Pulwama Heroes


In a poignant moment of remembrance and tribute, actor Varun Tej, along with Team Operation Valentine, has arrived in the picturesque city of Srinagar. Their mission is clear: to honor the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation at the Pulwama Memorial site. As the team gears up for this solemn occasion, the spirit of patriotism and gratitude permeates the air.

Varun Tej, the charismatic actor known for his versatile performances, has joined hands with Team Operation Valentine to pay homage to the brave souls who laid down their lives in the Pulwama attack. The Pulwama Memorial stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of our armed forces and the resilience of a nation in the face of adversity.

Operation Valentine, a noble initiative aimed at remembering and honoring the sacrifices made by our soldiers, holds a special significance as it coincides with the anniversary of the Pulwama attack. The team, comprising not only actors like Varun Tej but also influential personalities like Manushi Chhillar and Shakti Peshada, is dedicated to expressing gratitude and solidarity with the armed forces.

Varun Tej and Team Operation Valentine are set to visit the Pulwama Memorial site, where they will pay their respects to the fallen heroes. This act of homage is not only a gesture of remembrance but also a symbol of solidarity with the families who continue to bear the loss.

The heartwarming initiative gains even more significance as it aligns with the broader mission of Operation Valentine, which aims to spread awareness about the sacrifices made by our armed forces and inspire the younger generation to contribute positively to the nation.

As the team embarks on this solemn journey, their efforts to commemorate the Pulwama attack coincide with the upcoming release of Operation Valentine on March 1st. This poignant film, which promises to capture the spirit of sacrifice and bravery, aligns perfectly with the team’s mission to raise awareness about the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Varun Tej, along with the entire Team Operation Valentine, expresses gratitude to supporters and collaborators such as Sony Pictures Films India and Renaissance Pictures for joining hands in this noble endeavor. Their collaboration underscores the power of cinema and media in conveying stories that transcend entertainment, touching the very essence of our shared national identity.

As Varun Tej and Team Operation Valentine touchdown in Srinagar, the spirit of patriotism and respect for our armed forces permeates their mission. Their visit to the Pulwama Memorial site is not just a token gesture; it is a heartfelt expression of gratitude, a promise to never forget the sacrifices made by our heroes, and a call to action for all citizens to contribute positively to the nation’s well-being. In commemorating the heroes of Pulwama, Operation Valentine aims to inspire a sense of duty, unity, and resilience that will resonate long after the visit concludes.

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