Team Gaami Cheers for Telugu Warriors at CCL Match

Team Gaami Cheers for Telugu Warriors at CCL Match

Get ready for a spectacular blend of cricket and entertainment as Team Gaami gears up to cheer for our very own Telugu Warriors1 at the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) match today. The Uppal Stadium in Hyderabad is set to come alive with the infectious energy and enthusiasm of both cricket and cinema aficionados.

Adding to the excitement, the Gaami team proudly announces that the Gaami Showreel Trailer is marching towards an impressive 5 million views! The trailer, a glimpse into the cinematic brilliance that awaits audiences, has captivated viewers and generated significant buzz.

As the cricket fever heightens at the CCL match, the anticipation for the grand release of Gaami intensifies. Worldwide audiences can mark March 8th on their calendars as the day when Gaami, featuring a stellar cast and promising storyline, takes center stage in cinemas.

The Gaami team extends heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters, sponsors, and partners who have been instrumental in the journey leading up to the film’s release.

For those unable to attend the CCL match, the celebration continued on social media. Stay tuned for live updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and exclusive content from the Gaami team. Engage with the event using the hashtags:

– #Gaami

– #GaamiShowreelTrailer

– #GaamiReleaseOnMarch8th

As the sun sets over Uppal Stadium, Hyderabad, and the cricket field transforms into a stage of entertainment, cricket and cinema enthusiasts unite for a night of excitement, camaraderie, and celebration. Let the cheers resonate, the excitement build, and the countdown to Gaami’s worldwide release on March 8th begin!

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