Sundaram Master Strikes Blockbuster Status with the Catchy Anthem Of S.KOTA


Harsha Chemudu’s latest venture, ‘Sundaram Master,’ has taken the twin Telugu states by storm, earning the coveted status of a blockbuster. Adding to the film’s success is the infectious energy of the song ‘Sun Sun Sundaram Master,’ which is captivating music lovers with its vibrant beats and catchy lyrics, especially the line ‘S.Kota Megastar… ekaika superstar.’ The song is turning heads and creating a buzz, making S.Kota, the native place of Harsha Chemudu, a focal point of excitement. Let’s dive into the musical extravaganza that is ‘Sun Sun Sundaram Master’.

‘Sundaram Master’ has struck gold at the box office, winning the hearts of audiences across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The film, featuring Harsha Chemudu in a prominent role, has become a talk of the town for its engaging storyline, stellar performances, and, of course, its foot-tapping music. Riding high on the wave of success, ‘Sundaram Master’ is a testament to Harsha Chemudu’s growing popularity in the Telugu film industry.

At the heart of ‘Sundaram Master’s’ success is the peppy and energetic song ‘Sun Sun Sundaram Master.’ The song’s lively beats and dynamic composition, combined with the quirky lyrics, make it an instant hit among music enthusiasts. The line ‘S.Kota Megastar… ekaika superstar’ pays homage to Harsha Chemudu’s roots in S.Kota, creating a sense of local pride and connecting with fans on a personal level.

The Anthem of S.Kota:

S.Kota, the native place of Harsha Chemudu, has now become a buzzing topic in the twin Telugu states, thanks to the popularity of ‘Sun Sun Sundaram Master.’ The song has become an anthem of sorts, with the catchy beats and enthusiastic lyrics resonating not just in cinemas but also in the streets, making it a musical celebration of local culture and pride.


If you haven’t experienced the infectious rhythm and spirited vibes of ‘Sun Sun Sundaram Master!,’ then you’re missing out on the musical sensation that’s taken the region by storm. Whether you’re a fan of Harsha Chemudu or just someone who appreciates good music, this song is a must-listen.

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