Six Big Takeaways from 2024’s Election Results.

Six Big Takeaways from 2024s Election Results 1

The 2024 Lok Sabha was the most important election for India. But, the results have become the most important and interesting elections that the nation has faced in a very long time. The very big change this election has proven is nothing but the power of democracy, the people’s power. 

Let us list out the key takeaways from the elections:

  1. Modi is Defeatble. 

Aap ki baar, 400 paar has been proven to be a failure. As I am writing this, the news is that Nitish Kumar, along with Tejasvi Yadav, and Chandra Babu Naidu have gone to New Delhi to discuss the alliance. So, if the topple happens, then Modi-led BJP will surely be defeated. However, the proven fact is that the image Indian media has portrayed of Modi is shattered to pieces. 

  1. BJP’s loss in Ayodhya. 

Ram Mandir has been the core ideology of the then Jan Sangh, through which the current BJP has borne out of. Ram Janmabhoomi movement has a lot to do with the current magnanimous state of BJP. Riding on the wave of HIndutva and doing the divisive politics of Mandir-Masjid has proven not an ideal political strategy for BJP. BJP and RSS are bound to rethink their political strategy now. 

  1. Rahul Gandhi has proven himself. 

Rahul Gandhi who has won with a staggering majority in Amethi and Wayanad too. And, led INDIA alliance with a matured behaviour. The one who has been called out as a pappu has now proven himself for his liberal politics campaigning with the constitution in his hands. At Least now Raghul Gandhi can be trusted to be the potential opponent for the “Magnanimous” Modi. 

  1. Pawan Kalyan as a King and a KIng Maker too. 

The actor-turned politician, Jana Sena Party’s chief, is now an MLA and with 100% strike rate winning every seat his party has contested, 21 MLA seats and 2 MP seats. This is just historic. This might not have any functional democracy. Pawan Kalyan was defeated from the both places he had contested from in 2019. Now, he is back to AP politics as a king. 

Pawan Kalyan also very cleverly orchestrated the alliance with BJP and TDP too. The alliance has helped him to negotiate in New Delhi. He is on his way to New Delhi right now. Let’s wait and see how the ‘power’ play will be played right now. 

  1. BJP’s entry into Andhra Pradesh. 

The Party with the election share less than zero percent in 2019 is now settled with 8 MLA seats. BJP was insignificant and invisible in Andhra Pradesh till Pawan Kalyan brought the BJP to TDP-JSP alliance. This is going to be a major shift in Andra politics. As the BJP has now stepped into the politics of Andhra, it will try to settle in AP. 

  1. Historic defeat of Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

Jagan Mohan Reddy has won the historic mandate in 2019 with thumping 151 seats out of 175 seats. Now, the situation is much worse. YCP now has 11 MLA seats. To be able to call it an opposition party, it shall win at least 10% of total MLA seats, which means a minimum of 15 MLA seats. It’s not even an opposition now. Every prominent leader from YSRCP has lost the election. That’s all I have to say about YSRCP. 

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