‘Sasi Madhanam’ starts streaming on ETV Win – Know what it is about

'Sasi Madhanam' starts streaming on ETV Win - Know what it is about

‘Sasi Madhanam’ is now available for streaming on ETV Win. The Telugu-language web series stars Sidhu Pavan as Madhan and Soniya Singh as Sasi.

Produced by Harish Kohirkar and directed by Winod Gali, the show has an interesting premise but a draggy narration. Madhan, a happy-go-lucky guy from Warangal, gambles away Rs 5 lakh. To escape from the violent loaner, he runs away to Hyderabad, where Sasi lives. Sasi gives him shelter thinking that her parents, grandfather and kid brother won’t return for another two weeks. However, when they return due to their trip getting cancelled, all hell breaks loose.

With music by Sinjith Yerramilli, the show has cinematography by Rehan Shaik. The dialogues are barely original or comical. The situations are inferior, with stock situations and lazy comedy spoiling the viewer’s experience.

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