Sai Ram Shankar Set to Impress in Vinod Vijayan’s ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram’


‘Comebacks are better than setbacks and Telugu Funda wishes Sai Ram Shankar to bounce back to success track with ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram,’

Telugu cinema enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram,’ the latest offering from the talented actor Sai Ram Shankar. Known for his roles in popular films like ‘143’ and ‘Bumper Offer,’ Sai Ram Shankar is set to captivate audiences once again in this upcoming film. Directed by the acclaimed Vinod Vijayan and produced by Vinod Vijayan and Garlapati Ramesh under the Vinod Vijayan Films and Vihari Cinema House banners, ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram’ promises to be a unique cinematic experience.

The film revolves around the character played by Sai Ram Shankar, who takes on the role of a powerful and unconventional advocate. Vinod Vijayan, known for his national and international award-winning films, brings his distinctive storytelling style to ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram.’ The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Samuthirakani enters the scene, portraying a cop, adding another layer of depth to the storyline.

With a stellar cast that includes Ashima Narwal and Shruti Sodhi as the leading ladies, along with renowned actors like Kalabhavan Mani, Ravi Pachamuthu, Bhanu Sri, Pallavi Gowda, and others, the film promises a rich and engaging ensemble performance.

The music for ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram’ is composed by the talented Rahul Raj, who has crafted soulful songs sung by the sensational Sid Sriram. The songs, available via Tips Music, have already garnered a positive response, creating anticipation for the film’s release. Gopi Sundar’s background score is expected to be a highlight, adding emotional depth and intensity to key moments in the storyline.

The film is set to hit theaters in March, and fans of Sai Ram Shankar are eagerly counting down the days until they can witness his powerful portrayal of an advocate with a difference. The collaboration between Vinod Vijayan and Sai Ram Shankar is creating significant buzz in the industry, with the promise of a thought-provoking and entertaining cinematic experience.

Producer-director Vinod Vijayan expressed confidence in the film’s success, citing the unique character dynamics, the impressive cast, and the noteworthy musical contributions. As the release date approaches, ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram’ is poised to make a mark in Telugu cinema, showcasing the talents of Sai Ram Shankar in a role that is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

With ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram,’ Sai Ram Shankar, under the direction of Vinod Vijayan, is set to deliver a compelling performance that transcends traditional roles. The combination of a powerful storyline, a talented cast, and soul-stirring music positions the film as a must-watch for Telugu cinema enthusiasts. As the anticipation builds, all eyes are on the theaters, where ‘Oka Patakam Prakaram’ is poised to make a significant impact in March.

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