Rave Party row: Anchor Shyamala pursues legal action

Rave Party row: Anchor Shyamala pursues legal action

A news channel has alleged that anchor Shyamala was present at the recent rave party in Bengaluru in which about 100 individuals participated. Today (May 22nd), Shyamala issued a video rebuttal to clarify that she has nothing to do with the party.

Shyamala, who has been a supporter of the YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh, alleged that there is an attempt to tarnish her reputation only because she is associated with a particular party. “I won’t tolerate these efforts. I am pursuing legal action. Journalists are supposed to tell the truth and expose lies,” Shyamala said. 

On Monday (May 20th), actor Srikanth issued a statement against factually incorrect media reports that had stated that he was one of the celeb participants in the rave party. 

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