PVR INOX Continues to be Loss Making Business.

PVR INOX Continues to be Loss Making Business.

The biggest multiplex chain in India has been making losses continuously. The first quarter of this Financial year (FY25) has made the losses of Rs. 133 Crores, Rs. 15 Crores higher than the expected loss of Rs. 118 Crores.

The stark decline of Hindi cinema in terms of content as well as collections has been the major reason for the losses, said Pulkit Chawla, an analyst at Emkay Global Research firm. The month of May has turned out to be the lowest for Hindi cinema out of all regional cinema, said Ormax, the media consulting firm.

The Indian Premier League and T20 World cup were also cited as reasons for the poor performances of PVR INOX’s numbers. Footfalls in Q1 are estimated to drop to 3.08 crore from 3.2 crore in Q4. PVR Inox’s box office revenue is expected to decline 12 percent YoY, and the box office of Hindi cinema to decline 34 percent, according to Karan Taurani, senior vice-president, Elara Capital..

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