Producer NV Prasad: Aparna Sanstha coming into cinemas is a good result for the film industry

Aparna Sanstha coming into cinemas is a good result for the film industry Producer NV Prasad

Successful construction company Aparna Constructions has entered into cinemas. Aparna Cinemas has grandly launched the multiplex with modern technology, excellent ambience, world class projection, sound system, seating and luxury facilities to provide the audience with a larger than life cinematic experience. Aparna Cinemas logo was launched in a grand event.

Aparna Construction & Operations Head Rama Krishna said at the grand launch event of Aparna Cinemas. In those days, Aparna Sarovar, the largest gated community in the city, was constructed. We told our customers that a multi-flex and mall will come when it is built. Aparna Cinemas was built to fulfill that promise. Whatever Aparna does, she is the best. Mall and cinemas are also the best. Aparna entered the cinema with the advice of NV Prasad. We have built an excellent multiplex without compromising anywhere. Ambiance. Projection, sound, sitting, control temperature, lobby, rest rooms etc. have been built with modern technology. Also, arrangements were made to enjoy good food along with the movie. “Aparna Cinemas will give the audience a great cinematic experience,” he said

Producer NV Prasad said..I am the owner of Aparna Enterprises and we are friends. He wants the best in anything. He will not compromise anywhere. Two cars can go and come at the same time in the new specialty underground in this mall. The best sound system is sitting projection. Along with the movie, the food is also available at reasonable prices. Aparna is a good brand worldwide. It was produced wonderfully to be the best in cinema. It will be available to all from May 31. It will be a pride mall in India. The audience goes to see the movie with a great feeling. Aparna Sanstha’s entry into cinemas is auspicious for movies. A new brand has been launched. More will come in theaters in future. I want Aparna Cinemas to become the best mall in India,” he said.

Head Operations & Aparna Cinemas Sunil Dwivedi said.. Everyone is welcome to Aparna Cinema. Aparna company is happy to enter the entertainment world. Aparna Cinemas is there to provide the audience with the best cinema experience’ he said.

Madhukar, manager of Aparna Cinemas said.. The reason for coming of Aparna Cinemas is Aparna Constructions. There are more than 13,000 plots of Nalgandlo in Aparna community. Aparna Cinemas has been built to provide an amazing mall and multiplex experience to all of them. Like Aparna Constructions, Aparna Cinemas is also gaining a great reputation. It has seven screens in total. The total capacity is 1208. In this 135 gold class seats have separate entry. It has features that are not available in other multi flex. Along with the power bank, there is also a food specialty. We have our own kitchen. Fresh food will be available at affordable prices for everyone,” he said.

Programming Manager Siva Kumar said.. Aparna means a belief. Upholding that belief, Aparna Cinemas is offering a great cinematic experience to the audience. Aparna stands as the best movies.

Executive Chef Sumit..Speaking.. Aparna Cinemas is there to enjoy the best food along with a great cinematic experience. A different food menu is available here which is not available in other multi flex. Fresh food is prepared in own kitchen’ he said.

Cube Digital Cinemas Durga Prasad said.. We have installed Barco Series 4 projector in Aparna Cinemas. It is the world’s most advanced laser projector. All care has been taken to create a grand projection without compromising on quality. Dolby Atmos has been installed in five screens and 7.1 channel sound in two screens. No matter from which corner the movie is watched in the theater, there is sound and projection to immerse the audience” he said.

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