Premalu Hindi Version On OTT

Premalu Hindi Version On OTT

Exciting news awaits fans of the romantic comedy blockbuster “Premalu” as the much-anticipated OTT release date has been unveiled. Following the grand success of its theatrical run, the Malayalam version of the film is set to charm audiences once again, this time in the digital realm, as it premieres on Disney Plus Hotstar on April 12th.

In a delightful twist for Hindi-speaking audiences, the official announcement confirms that the Hindi version of “Premalu” will also be available for streaming on Hotstar from the same date. This announcement comes as a treat for fans who missed the theatrical release of the Hindi version, as it bypasses cinemas and directly debuts on the digital platform.

Directed by Girish A.D., “Premalu” boasts a captivating storyline and stellar performances by lead actors Naslen K. Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju. The film’s global box office success, amassing approximately 135 crores gross, speaks volumes about its popularity and widespread acclaim.

While fans eagerly anticipate the digital premiere of the Malayalam and Hindi versions, the wait continues for the OTT release announcement of the Telugu version. Nonetheless, the assurance of its imminent arrival on digital platforms adds to the excitement surrounding the film.

“Premalu” has struck a chord with audiences across languages, transcending barriers and winning hearts with its endearing narrative and relatable characters. As it gears up for its digital debut, fans can look forward to reliving the magic of “Premalu” from the comfort of their homes.

Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for April 12th as “Premalu” arrives on Disney Plus Hotstar, promising laughter, love, and endless entertainment.

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