“Pranale” Song Out Now From ‘Ravikula Raghurama’

"Pranale" Song Out Now From ‘Ravikula Raghurama’

“Pranale” song from the forthcoming film “Ravikula Raghurama” made its debut with immense excitement. Directed by Chandrashekar Kanuri, the movie features the talented Gowtham Sagi in the lead role, accompanied by the stunning Deepshika as the female lead.

The release of the song marked a significant milestone, graced by the presence of the stylish director Radha Krishna Garu. Not only did he reveal the song to the audience, but he also seized the moment to extend his best wishes to Sridhar Varma Sagi, the film’s producer. Radha Krishna Garu lauded Sridhar Varma Sagi for his positive approach and conveyed his heartfelt wishes to the entire team as they gear up for the film’s release scheduled on March 15th.

During the event, Radha Krishna Garu fondly reminisced about the enduring friendship he shares with Sridhar Varma Sagi and the film’s director, Chandrashekar Kanuri. He recounted their journey, tracing back over two decades to their time as assistant directors, with Kanuri being his senior. This reunion stands as a testament to the enduring bonds forged within the cinematic realm.

Expressing his admiration, Radha Krishna Garu showered praises on the film’s lead, Gowtham Sagi, highlighting his remarkable appearance in the movie. The director was visibly delighted to be part of the song’s unveiling and took the opportunity to convey his best wishes to the entire “Ravikula Raghurama” team, hoping for their resounding success in this cinematic venture.

The camaraderie witnessed between Radha Krishna Garu, Sridhar Varma Sagi, and Chandrashekar Kanuri serves as a poignant reminder of the collaborative spirit that has propelled their shared journey in the film industry. As the countdown to the movie release commences, the entire team undoubtedly finds inspiration in the support and well-wishes from the industry luminary Radha Krishna Garu. Here’s to the triumph of “Ravikula Raghurama” and the enduring celebration of friendships that withstand the tests of time within the captivating world of cinema.

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