Pawan Kalyan as Ojas Gambhira: Everything Sujith revealed about Pawan Kalyan’s They Call Him OG

Pawan Kalyan as Ojas Gambhira: Everything Sujith revealed about Pawan Kalyan’s They Call Him OG.

The most anticipated movie, Pawan Kalyan starrer, They Call Him OG, is named after the Japanese word Ojas. Pawan Kalyan will be playing a master role in the movie as Ojas Gambhira, said the director Sujith.

“When we were shooting the Akido Fights, Pawan Kalyan garu got very excited to make it a perfect fight. He even referred to youtube videos and bought fight-masters from Mumbai and Pune”, revealed Sujith in a promotional Interview for the Karthikeya’s Bhaje Vaayu Vegam, releasing on 31st May.

Aikido fighting is a Japanese Martial Art form where the strength of the opponent will also be used against himself. Sujith said that there is a lot of influence from Japanese cinema on They Call him OG. And, since Pawan Kalyan is also a fan of Japanese cinema, he is fully dedicating himself fully to the movie. The shooting is to be resumed after the results of recently held Andhra Pradesh assembly polls.

Sujith also revealed that They Call Him OG was supposed to be a remake. Fortunately, it didn’t turn out to be one. “Pawan Kalyan garu casually asked me if there is a story. Then, I narrated him the story line. He immediately accepted.”

“It was the biggest moment of life when Pawan Kalyan garu accepted my original storyline and didn’t pursue the idea of a remake”, said Sujith in a rapid fire with actor Karthikeya.

Sujith also recalled the fanboy moments of Pawan Kalyan from the times of Johnny to Gabbar SIngh. He recalled the times of Gabbar SIngh, “We did a bike rally from Musheerabad to the theater”, added Sujith cherishing the fanboy moments. “During the release of Johnny, I was in Anantapur and watched the movie in the Shanthi Sudha theater. When they said that the movie was a flop. I didn’t remove the Johnny style headband for a week. I even bathed with the headband on”, said Sujith.

They Call Him OG is expected to release on 27th September, 2024.

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