“Parakramam” Gears Up for a Summer Showdown


Cricket enthusiasts and moviegoers alike have reason to rejoice as “Parakramam,” a gully cricket-themed film helmed by the multi-talented Bandi Saroj Kumar, is all set for a Summer 2024 release. Following the success of his digital releases, Bandi Saroj Kumar is bringing the spirit of gully cricket to the big screen with a movie that promises to capture the essence of the sport played in every nook and cranny of the country.

Bandi Saroj Kumar, renowned for his cult hit “Mangalyam” on digital platforms, has made a name for himself by handling multiple roles in his projects, from director and lyricist to editor, music composer, and producer under his banner BSK Mainstream. Having successfully engaged audiences through the ‘Watch & Pay’ method in his previous digital releases, Kumar is ready to translate that success to the cinematic realm.

As the upcoming cricket season approaches, “Parakramam” aims to be the perfect cinematic offering for cricket enthusiasts. The film captures the passion, camaraderie, and raw energy associated with gully cricket, offering a narrative that resonates with fans of the sport. Bandi Saroj Kumar’s expertise in crafting engaging stories is expected to bring the gully cricket experience to life on the silver screen.

“Parakramam” boasts a dynamic cast led by Bandi Saroj Kumar in the male lead role, complemented by classical dancer Sruthi Samanvi and Naga Lakshmi. The film also introduces around 50 new actors, most of whom hail from a theatre arts background. With an ensemble cast and the director’s vision, the film promises to present a fresh and authentic portrayal of gully cricket culture.

Behind the camera, the film benefits from the craftsmanship of ace cinematographer Venkat R Prasad, known for his work in films like “Pournami” and “100% Love.” Sound designer Kali SR Ashok, recognized for his previous collaborations with Bandi Saroj Kumar, contributes his expertise to elevate the auditory experience of the film.

As “Parakramam” gears up for its Summer release, the post-production works are in full swing. The official teaser, set to be launched in the coming days, will not only offer a sneak peek into the film but also reveal the much-anticipated release date, heightening the excitement among eager fans.

“Parakramam” is poised to hit the big screen with a bang, bringing the thrill of gully cricket to audiences in a cinematic spectacle. Bandi Saroj Kumar’s diverse talents and the film’s engaging narrative promise an authentic portrayal of the beloved sport, capturing the hearts of cricket enthusiasts and movie lovers alike. As Summer 2024 approaches, get ready to witness the gully cricket fever unfold on the silver screen with “Parakramam.”

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