“Pan India Movie ‘Record Break’: Second Song Release Marks Another Milestone”


Renowned filmmaker Shrinivasarao Garu, at the helm of Sri Tirumala Tirupathi Venkateswara Films, is gearing up to set new records with his latest cinematic endeavor. As the producer of this highly anticipated film, Padmavathi Garu, and under the directorial guidance of Shrinivasarao Garu, the project aims to redefine boundaries within the Indian film industry.

Despite garnering overwhelming praise for its recent glimpses, teaser, and trailer, the team has not slowed down. Building on the positive reception of these promotional materials, the release of the film’s second song has further heightened anticipation. Crafted by the talented Sabu Varghees, the song has captivated the attention of music enthusiasts and cinephiles, hinting at becoming a standout feature of the film.

Shrinivasarao Garu, celebrated for his artistic vision, has envisioned this film as a Pan-Indian cinematic spectacle. Set to release in eight languages, this ambitious move reflects the director’s commitment to presenting the movie on a grand scale. Censorship procedures for the film are currently underway, and the team is gearing up to announce the release date shortly. The dedicated efforts of the artistic team during filming, involving late-night shoots and meticulous location scouting, have contributed to the visual feast awaiting audiences.

Sharing his thoughts on the project, Shrinivasarao Garu commented, “We have unveiled the second song from our movie, continuing the excitement generated by the teaser and trailer. The response from audiences has been immensely gratifying. We are in the final stages of post-production, and I extend my gratitude to our dedicated artists and technicians who have tirelessly worked to bring this film to fruition. We are planning a grand release event shortly, and I am confident that the movie will resonate well with the audience.”

Boasting an ensemble cast featuring Nihar, Nagarjun, Ragda Ifthakar, Satya Krishna, Sanjan, Tummala Prasanna Kumar, Shanti Thivari, Soniya, and Kashi Vishwanath, the film promises to be a visual and auditory feast for audiences.

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