‘Om Bheem Boosh’ is a clean entertainer that entertains everyone

'Om Bheem Boosh' is a clean entertainer that entertains everyone

Hero Sri Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna and ‘Husharu’ fame Sri Harsha Konuganti are going to entertain the audience with the out and out-entertainer ‘Om Bheem Bush’. V Celluloid and Sunil Balusu are producing the film while UV Creations is presenting it. The promotional content that has already been released has received tremendous response. ‘Om Bheem Boosh’ is going to have a grand release worldwide on March 22. In this context, hero Priyadarshi shared the features of the film in a press conference.

How did Priyadarshigaru come into ‘Om Bheem Bush’ project?

Introduction from director Harsha’s movie ‘Husharu’. I was supposed to work in his previous films but couldn’t. Loved it when the story of ‘Om Bheem Bush’ was told. Sri Vishnu and Rahul got even more interested. Also having a strong production company like UV. There is a very interesting idea in the story. Adding a fantasy and horror element to it was even more crazy. Also working with friends was a lot of fun.

What is your role in this?

My character’s name is Dr. Vinay Gummadi. All our friends join Osmania to do their PhD. But the main purpose is for the stipend and free hostel facility. I am a character who believes in science. The other two believe in mantras and tantras. So there is a good humor between the three of us. The whole movie is entertainment. There is a good emotional point in the middle. It is unique. The three of us worked together. It has no comparison with ‘Om Bheem Bush’.

Do you have a heroine in this movie?

Ayesha Khan will be seen as my pair. There are no romantic songs.

How is the comedy in this?

It is a buddy comedy movie. We have made a very clean movie that was enjoyed by everyone without any indecency anywhere.

Can this movie be a sequel to the movie Brochevarevaru, which the three of you made together?

Definitely not. Because three of them are slightly mature characters. Unexpectedly we get stuck in a problem. But ‘Om Bheem Bush’ is not like that. The three of us do small things and get stuck in problems. It is very different from this. Not a sequel.

Did you do a lead role in the movie Tuesday? Did you think of choosing stories as a hero after that movie?

I prefer to see myself as an actor rather than a hero. A hero comes with an image. As an actor, one can flow freely like a river. Being an actor can show more diversity. I believe that the opportunities are also high. Even on Tuesday, I will be a main character but not a hero. I am lucky to have such good writers and directors.

How is the cooperation of the producers?

Sunil and Vamsi produced the movie in a very grand manner. It has excellent production values. It has a huge Mahal set. A massive set was laid in Film City. Also everything needed for the movie has been provided without any compromise. Without their cooperation, this film would not have been made grand. There are three of us in a Greek style get-up. Foreign ladies acted along with us. It was shot in a payless. The palace is located in an area called Thor, seven kilometers away from Pune. It turned out great. There is also a song in the background. It all sounds like a dream song. Such wealth would not have come without the cooperation of the producers. Also took some part in Filmcity.

The reason for giving the title ‘Om Bheem Bush’?

I didn’t think of this title first when I thought it was an original story. But while shooting for Ranura, the rapport between the three of us gave birth to the title ‘Om Bheem Bush’, which was shaded with a language suitable for today’s trend. We have heard this word many times in the past. It seems to be very cheesy. Also, the title of this movie seemed to be an asset.

In the meantime, they went on tours as part of the promotion. How is the response?

I could not go to Vizag because I was in another shoot. The trailer got a great response in Hyderabad then, but in other places. The youth audience enjoyed seeing us and greeted us comparing it to previous films, which made us feel more responsible.

Comments are being heard that the dialogues in youth movies are a bit out of tune.? What do you think about this?

Naturally, the words spoken by the youth outside are natural, so in terms of the film, some dialogues come like that. But there is no room for indecency anywhere.

What have changed in you from the past to the present?

I was a teenager at the time of marriage. After that, I noticed a change in my mind when I saw the response of the movie. After Tuesday I noticed a strange change in me. When Amadhya came out as a part of the shooting, we understood how much Telugu cinema connected with them by comparing that movie saying. I changed myself a lot to be more responsible that the outside audience remembers us so much.

Tell us about director Harsha?

He is a talent director. I have known Harsha for 12 years. Couldn’t make a film before Husaru. Told the story in times of rowdyboys. That could not be done. Now it is the third time.

Rahul Ramakrishna and Shri Vishnu, what do you think if you look at the careers of the three of you?

I have known Rahul for 12 years. Only one who is with Sri Vishnu is known from Zindagi. Every moment is memorable when you are making a movie with your friends. All three of us have one similarity. We have grown in the industry ourselves. That’s how the film industry encouraged us. For this, we are informing the audience of Mansurtia’s exploits.

Currently doing movies?

I am doing a film in the lead role. Shooting is going on. I am also acting in Game Changer.

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