Nag Ashwin is Tollywood’s second SS Rajamouli

Nag Ashwin is Tollywoods second SS Rajamouli

Tollywood just produced another SS Rajamouli before Tamil and Hindi cinema could come up with their first answer to Rajamouli. We are talking about the director of ‘Kalki 2898 AD’, an event film that is well on its way to becoming a spectacular hit. Nag Ashwin is well on his way to redefining the franchise brand of cinema in India with the Kalki Cinematic Universe.

Bollywood did try its hand at a larger-than-life trilogy with mythological elements with ‘Brahmastra’ last year. However, the film’s rumoured flop status made Karan Johar drop the Brahmastra trilogy midway. Hindi cinema must now be taking serious note of ‘Kalki’ and how it has the potential to become the biggest franchise ever to emerge from India.

The sequel to ‘Kalki’ is at least three years away. So, it is going to take time for him to cement his position. By then, hopefully, Rajamouli will be ready with his next. It will be interesting to see the two Telugu directors compete for the top slot in year 2027 or so with their two globalized releases.

Meanwhile, Rajamouli today reviewed ‘Kalki’ in glowing terms. “It transported me into various realms with its incredible settings. Darling (Prabhas) just killed it with his timing and ease. Great support from Amitabh ji, Kamal sir, and Deepika. The last 30 minutes of the film took me to a whole new world. Kudos to Nagi and the entire Vyjayanthi team for their unmatched efforts in executing it,” he wrote.

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