‘Munjya’: Horror-comedy from Bollywood stuns with its performance

'Munjya'_ Horror-comedy from Bollywood stuns with its performance

‘Munjya’ has become an unexpected success, exceeding all expectations and leaving the Hindi film industry somewhat stunned. As per Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh, initially, predictions were pessimistic, with some even suggesting the film should skip theaters and go straight to streaming services. However, ‘Munjya’ has defied the odds. It not only outperformed pre-release estimates by a wide margin but also surpassed post-release box office predictions, the analyst says.

The first week’s collection of over Rs 20 Cr (in the Indian territory) shows that the film’s popularity is growing.

“The film lacks the star power. It also lacks the pull of popular music. It has none of the features that typically ensure box-office success in the post-pandemic era. Despite this, it has trended better than several big-budget releases with A-list actors since 2022,” an industry observer said.

Reviewing the film, DesiNerd wrote that ‘Munjya’ is exactly what you would expect from the ‘Stree’ universe. “Not exceptional, but a decent, fun watch. It follows the same template as that universe and works well once again. The VFX should be appreciated, and the character design of ‘Munjya’ is fantastic. This universe is a masterpiece of an idea that connects local folklores to a larger cinematic universe,” he wrote. 

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