MATA President Srinivas Ganagoni Reflects on Transformative Service Initiatives


Under the benevolent banner of MATA (Mana America Telugu Association), a series of impactful service programs unfolded from February 17 to March 10. The recent eye cataract operation camp held at Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Stadium marked a significant milestone in MATA’s ongoing commitment to community welfare. As the program concluded, MATA President Srinivas Ganagoni shared his heartfelt sentiments about the transformative journey of service and the positive changes it has brought to countless lives.

Addressing the closing program, President Srinivas Ganagoni expressed profound satisfaction, stating, “MATA has organized numerous service programs through its 22 branches, involving approximately 5000 individuals within a mere ten months of its inception. Our initiatives extend globally, with recent activities including cancer screening tests and general medicine treatments for 500 people in Warangal, India, on the 17th of this month.”

The tireless efforts continued on the 18th, as 300 more individuals underwent general and cancer tests, receiving free medications. The 19th witnessed a massive endeavor at Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy Indoor Stadium, where 2300 people were screened for eye operations in collaboration with Shankar Nethralaya. Out of this, around 200 individuals underwent operations, and 100 received free spectacles. An additional 250 people are slated to receive treatment in Chennai.

President Srinivas Ganagoni expressed immense pleasure in contributing to these service programs, emphasizing the transformative impact on the lives of those in need. The commitment to providing healthcare services to underserved communities reflects MATA’s dedication to making a positive difference on a global scale.

Suma Kanakala, the President of Festivals for Joy, also lauded the extraordinary humanitarian efforts. She remarked, “Organizing such a grand event requires a significant amount of humanity. Thanks to the collective cooperation of numerous individuals, over 2000 people underwent eye screening tests today, highlighting the substantial impact of collaborative community service.”

Rajeev Kanakala, in a heartfelt acknowledgment of his wife Suma Kanakala’s involvement in these noble initiatives, shared, “In the past, I might have felt annoyed if someone called me Suma’s husband. However, witnessing the positive deeds and impact of her work, I now feel an immense sense of pride to be recognized as Suma’s husband. It compels me to lift my head high and declare that I am Suma’s husband.”

Representatives from Shankar Nethralaya, including Arul and Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Bolagam, along with Pradeep Samala from the TV Federation and Vijay from the MATA organization, actively participated in the closing program. Their collective efforts underscore the collaborative spirit that defines MATA’s service initiatives, illustrating the power of unity in creating positive change for communities in need. As MATA continues to chart new avenues for service, the impact of its transformative endeavors remains a beacon of hope for those who benefit from its selfless commitment to welfare.

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