Manchu Manoj In “MIRAI” !!!

Manchu Manoj In “MIRAI” !!!

Teja Sajja, riding high on a wave of success, continues to delight fans with his choice of intriguing projects. Following the grand launch of his latest venture “Mirai,” the excitement surrounding the film has reached new heights.

Adding to the anticipation is the revelation of a pivotal role to be essayed by none other than the popular hero Manchu Manoj. While rumors of Manoj’s involvement in the project have been circulating, the makers have kept the details under wraps until now.

However, fans can mark their calendars for May 20th, an auspicious date that coincides with Manchu Manoj’s birthday. On this special occasion, the makers of “Mirai” are set to officially announce Manoj’s role in the film, much to the delight of cinephiles eagerly awaiting this news.

Manchu Manoj, who recently embraced fatherhood with the arrival of his baby girl, is back in action and brimming with enthusiasm for his upcoming stint in “Mirai.” With his versatile acting prowess and dynamic screen presence, Manoj is poised to bring an added layer of depth to the narrative.

As the countdown begins for the exciting revelation on May 20th, fans can expect a flurry of excitement and anticipation surrounding Manchu Manoj’s role in Teja Sajja’s next cinematic outing. Stay tuned for further updates as the anticipation continues to build around this highly anticipated project.

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