‘Mama Mashchindra’ movie gives a new feel like ‘Manam’: Hero Sudhir Babu

Sudeer babu Interview for Mama Mashchindra

Mama Mashchindra is a unique action thriller directed by Nitro star Sudheer Babu and actor-filmmaker Harshavardhan. Produced by producers Sunil Narang and Puskur Ram Mohan Rao under Sri Venkateswara Cinemas LLP, the film has created positive buzz with its teaser trailer. Srishti Celluloid Sonali Narang and Srishti are presenting this bilingual film made in Telugu and Hindi languages. Hero Sudhir Babu shared the features of the film in a press conference in the background of the release of the film on October 6.

The main reason for making ‘Mama Mashchindra’?
So far in my career, the stories that have come to me are the ones that I have chosen. There was never an attempt to make a certain story, to make such a story. But for the first time, I told Harsha to come and work with him with faith. I really liked the story he told. A very different script. He proved himself as a good writer with the films Manam and Gundejare Gallanthaiyinde. He has a good grasp of movies. How new it felt when we saw ‘Manam’.. Mama Mashchindra also gives us such a new feeling.

How did it feel to do a triple roll?
This is what excites me about it. I have been doing different roles in films like Krishnamma Makhidu, Bhaagi, Bhale Manchi Doosha. The audience accepted that I can do such roles. I considered a triple role in Mama Mashindra as an opportunity. It has three different accents for three characters. One character is from Telangana, another from Uttarandra, another character has Rayalaseema accent. These three accents are not mine. There is another dubbing for the old character. That is my regular language. Each character has a variation. I gained weight for a role. We used prosthetics for another character. I followed a diet routine for the role of looking young. This film is a challenge mentally as well as physically. The audience has faith that I will try something new. Mama Mashindra will surely give a new experience to the audience. This is a commercial film with content. The whole family can watch it comfortably. There are many twists and turns.

How did it feel to use a prosthetic for the first time?
It’s a different experience. Actually I wanted to increase the weight for a role. But Mahesh Babu and all his close friends said that it is not good to gain so much weight suddenly. This led to the use of prosthetics. The prosthetic material used for a young person is very stiff. With this, there is some challenge in showing facial expressions. We have done a very good job in this. The audience does not get a prosthetic feeling anywhere. It happened very naturally. I also put a small test in this regard. I called our apartment and said ‘so-and-so is coming, don’t let him in’. They didn’t let me in before I went into the prosthetic get-up. There was a fight for almost an hour (laughing) and I couldn’t remember it live. Even while watching the movie, the audience has this feeling.

The director said that they wanted to do a scene with Krishna in this.. About that?
yes We thought about it when we were in the script stage. But Krishna already stopped making films. But I am confident that I can somehow convince him. Very good scene. We wanted to shoot Naina on green mat. But he left. Without him, that scene has no importance. That’s why that scene was not shot. We miss him a lot. No one can fill the gap without him. His blessings are always on me.

Mama Mashindra to say in a single line?
Mama Mashchindra is a multi-layered story. The central layer is the role of Parasuram. An incident happens in the life of Parasuram. He also goes to jail in that incident. How will his journey be after coming out? What effect does his character have on other characters? Who changed his life? The story is interesting in many ways.

Which of these three characters attracts the attention of the audience?
There is a lot of freshness in the character of Durga. Parasuram’s role is very crucial in the story. You will be connected with that character throughout the film. Also, it was a challenge to show variation in the role of DJ. Comedy is also very new in this. Situational comedy worked out well.

How was working with Harsha?
I have a lot of faith in Harsha. He is a good writer and actor. It felt like working with an experienced director.

About heroines?
Esha Rebba Telugu. It is very comfortable to work with Telugu people. She is a beautiful actress. Mrinalini also learned Telugu and acted well. I am sure that they will get good opportunities after this movie.

About the producers?
Sunil Narang and Pushkur Ram Mohan are experienced producers. Full justice has been done to this movie. A very good technical team was given. DVP PG Vinda, Editor Marthand K Venkatesh, Music Chetan… all gave their best work. We are making the release grand.

If you get a chance to act in Krishnagari’s biopic, would you do it?
I will definitely do it if I get a chance.

About Gopichand biopic?
A Gopichand biopic is definitely there. The script is currently being worked on.

Next projects?
My father’s superhero is in the dubbing stage. Also the biggest project in my career ‘Harom Hara’ will also happen.

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