“Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa”  from The VD’s ‘The Family Star’

_Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa_ from The VD’s ‘The Family Star’

Anticipation reaches a crescendo as T-Series Telugu presents a sneak peek into the musical brilliance of The Family Star’s upcoming Telugu movie. Starring the charismatic Vijay Deverakonda and the talented Mrunal Thakur, this film is set to be a visual and auditory delight. Adding to the excitement is the lyrical promo of “Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa,” composed by the renowned Gopi Sundar. As the clock ticks down to the release of the full song at 6:30 PM, fans are in for a treat as they get a glimpse of the magic that awaits them.

In the musical creation of “Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa,” every note becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of auditory bliss. Under the skilled direction of music maestro Gopi Sundar, the song’s heartbeat pulsates through the enchanting vocals of Mangli and Karthik, as the poetic verses penned by Anantha Sriram come to life. The rhythmic symphony is orchestrated by Gopi Sundar himself, who weaves a tapestry of sound with the percussions by Sunilkumar Pk and the soul-stirring melodies from Sumesh Parameswar’s guitar and bass.

 The harmonious convergence of voices, led by Christakala, Athira Janakan, Punnya Pradeep, Harika Narayan, and Divya Maalika, as well as the male chorus featuring Nevin C Delson and Rajath Raveendran, amplifies the emotional depth of the composition. Engineered by Rajath Raveendran, Nevin C Delson, Gopi Sundar, and Joe Antony, the meticulous production work by Babu Velayudhan and Priya Nair ensures a seamless musical experience. Finally, the magic is finely tuned and perfected by Balu Thankachan at 200B Black, and the vocals are recorded and engineered with precision by Bhavani Rakesh. The result is a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and resonates with the hearts of listeners.

The lyrical promo offers a tantalizing glimpse into the enchanting world of “Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa.” With a stellar lineup of musicians and vocalists, the song promises to be a melodic masterpiece that complements the visual storytelling of the movie.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike are invited to immerse themselves in the musical world crafted by Gopi Sundar, sung by Mangli and Karthik, and penned by Anantha Sriram. With a stellar cast, talented crew, and the musical prowess of Gopi Sundar, The Family Star’s new Telugu movie is set to be an audiovisual feast for audiences. Stay tuned for the full song release and get ready to be swept away by the magical tunes of “Kalyani Vaccha Vacchaa.” 

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