‘Japan’ is a universal entertainer: Hero Karthi


Hero Karthi is ready to entertain the audience with his 25th film ‘Japan’. Directed by Raju Murugan of Joker fame, this  thriller is produced by SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu under Dream Warrior Pictures banner. Anu Emmanuel is playing the heroine. The already released teaser, trailer and songs of the film have received tremendous response. Annapurna Studios is releasing this movie in Telugu states. Japan’s ‘Diwali’ will be released in grand theaters. On this occasion, hero Karthi shared the features of the film in a press conference.

True Story of Japan? The reason for the title of Japan?

‘Japan’ is not a true story. But real events are the inspiration. The director of this film, Raju Murugan, became the director from the report. His experiences are also included in this. He got the National Award for the movie Joker. Another new aspect was discovered in Japan. The movie gives a very new experience. While reading the script of this movie, it seemed like an out-of-the-box movie. Every scene in this is very new and original. But if you watch the movie, you will understand why the name is called Japan.

Director Raju Murugan’s films are intense, Doesn’t this look different?

There is satire in Japan too. A good dark comedy is ripe. He wrote the dialogues for the Tamil version of Oopiri. I was shocked to see his humor. In this, the humor will surprise the audience. After many days, I did a different role in this which was a humor satire along with Mass.

A new makeover for Japan,The dialogues are also very peculiar, aren’t they?

Raj Muragan wrote a story for me. I really liked one character in it. I asked if we could tell a story with that character. That is how ‘Japan’ came. I already knew that this role would be very unique. This character needs a new Karthi. I changed myself accordingly. When the dubbing was said.. Karthi was heard and the director asked him to go to Japan. Some people’s personality has nothing to do with their voice. The man is firm but the voice is a bit thin and thin. We tried that for the character of Japan. It turned out great. A Japanese character based film. I enjoyed doing this role a lot.

Is Japan a universal subject?

Japan reflects today’s society with all the fun elements. This story connects to everyone. We have worked with very talented technicians to present to a universal audience. S Ravivarman has given an excellent visual treatment. Also, Jeevi Prakash took it to another level with the music. Although the visuals are new, Jeevee has also made music very new.

How is your choice of movies?

I love the magic in the movie. The audience who come to the theater with any problems forget everything for a couple of hours and enjoy traveling to another world. That is the magic of cinema. First, it should be learned properly. It was a big learning experience for me. I treat every film, story, and character that I have done till now as if it were different. I try to do something different every time. It works out for me.

How does it feel doing back-to-back with Annapurna Studios?

It is a great pleasure to do a film with Annapurna Studios. It got stronger with the arrival of Annapurna Studios.

Khaithi 2 when? What is the role in Rolex?

I am also waiting for that (laughs). Discussions are going on. There are many expectations among the audience about Rolex. You have to ask your elder brother (Surya), director Lokesh Kanakaraj about this (laughing).

Are you afraid of sequels? How do you see sequels?

Having a strong character and back story can carry it forward. It happened to the prisoner and the Sardar, so they are being taken forward.

Will there be a sequel in Japan?

Japan is a very strong and interesting character.. I told the director before the climax that there should be a sequel or a prequel to it. Japan has to redo its role.

New films?

I am doing a film with the director of Sudukavvam. Also, I am doing a film with 96 director Prem Kumar. These two are nothing special. Also, there are Khaithi 2 and Sardar 2.

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