Jagan Bus Yatra

Jagan Bus Yatra

As the sun rises on another day of political fervor, the wheels of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s bus yatra continue to roll forward, this time traversing through the picturesque landscapes of Vijaynagar District. The bus journey, which has captured the imagination of the people and sparked unprecedented enthusiasm, is now making waves in this vibrant region of Andhra Pradesh.

The journey, which commenced on its 21st day, witnessed a grand entry by CM Jagan into Visakhapatnam city on a Sunday. Now, the focus has shifted to Vijaynagar District, where significant strides are being made in areas like Bhogapuram and Ranasthalam, as the bus caravan makes its way to Akkivalasa. The anticipation is palpable as CM Jagan prepares to address a gathering in Chelluru, underscoring the keen interest and support for his leadership.

Led by CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who has assumed office twice, the bus yatra has transformed into a symbol of triumph and unity, with the people of Visakhapatnam embracing it wholeheartedly. From Udayam Chinayapalem to the final destination of Andada, the journey has been marked by unwavering support and enthusiastic crowds greeting CM Jagan along the route.

Taking a brief respite from the bus journey, CM Jagan engaged in discussions with leaders of the YSRCP to strategize on the party’s manifesto and assess the political landscape in Visakhapatnam district. The deliberations aimed at fortifying the party’s position and orchestrating a path to victory in the upcoming elections.

As the journey continues, today marks another chapter in the saga of the bus yatra. Starting at 9 am, CM Jagan will embark on the next leg of the journey from Endada, MVV City, to Madhuravada. Engaging in a face-to-face interaction with social media warriors at the Chennas Convention Hall, he will address concerns regarding propaganda, opposition allegations, and present counterarguments to galvanize support.

Later in the afternoon, the journey will take CM Jagan to Chelluru in Vijaynagar district for an outdoor meeting, followed by visits to Chintalavalasa, Bhogapuram, and Ranasthalam. The day will culminate with a night camp in Akkivalasa, symbolizing the tireless commitment to connecting with the people and addressing their concerns.

Having covered 21 districts so far, the bus yatra is set to embark on its next destination, Ichchapuram in Srikakulam district, signaling the relentless pursuit of engagement and dialogue with the people. Despite the demanding schedule, CM Jagan remains dedicated, participating in three to four meetings every day, as the journey towards a brighter future for Andhra Pradesh continues.

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