HUDCO Indiramma Illu Project Receives Clear Line

HUDCO Indiramma Illu Project Receives Clear Line

In a significant development, the Indiramma Illu housing project in Telangana has been granted a clear line. Hudco has stepped forward to provide a loan of ₹300 crores to facilitate the initiative.

The government led by the Revanth Reddy in Telangana has embarked on a major initiative for the welfare of the people. Decisions made by him have garnered widespread public support. Now, special focus has been placed on the Indiramma Illu project.

In the ongoing elections, the Congress government is implementing promises without fail.. It is assuring to fulfill promises made to the elderly, BPL families, and others. As part of this, recent efforts have seen the provision of free electricity up to 200 units and gas cylinders for ₹500 to eligible families. Subsequently, officials have also initiated the Indiramma Illu housing project.

Under the Indiramma Illu project, families without homes in Telangana are being provided economic assistance for home construction. The Chief Minister, who presented the model home at the beginning of the project, has set his sights on this initiative. A budget has been allocated specifically for Indiramma Illu homes. From Hudco, a loan has been sought to clear debts. Recently, a loan of ₹3 billion has been approved, signaling green light for the project.

For the Indiramma housing  project currently underway, the government has decided to release ₹850 crore during the final phase. With this, a crucial milestone has been reached in relation to the Indiramma Illu project in the state.

Under this project, in the assembly planning category, 3,500 homes are being built annually.. The state government has set a target of constructing 4.50 lakh homes every year. Guidelines have been prepared for this purpose, and officials are diligently working on the implementation. Eligible beneficiaries must reside locally. Those with white ration cards are eligible for this scheme. For the last category, where the slab level is reached, ₹5 lakhs will be provided for home construction. After completing the basic requirement, an additional ₹1 lakh will be provided, followed by another ₹2 lakhs after completing the slab level, and finally, ₹1 lakh upon completion of the home.

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