“Haddu Ledura” Teaser Launch Event Unveils a Promise of Entertainment


“Haddu Noyera,” featuring Ashish Gandhi, Ashok Varsha, and Hritika in lead roles, directed by Rajasekhar Ravi, is creating a buzz in the film industry. The teaser launch event, a grand affair attended by the entire film unit, showcased the promising content and talent that the film brings to the audience.

Produced by Viresh Gajula Bellari under the banners of Tiger Hills Production and Swarna Pictures, with Ravi Mohan Rao as the co-producer, “Haddu Noyera” is gearing up to be a crowd-pleaser. The first look of the film, released earlier, garnered a positive response, building anticipation for what the movie has to offer.

Hero Ashish Gandhi, known for his role in the successful film “Natakam,” expressed his optimism about “Haddu Noyera.” At the teaser launch event, he shared his excitement, saying, “Our movie will surely entertain the audience. There is no limit to the story I heard after the play. Since then, the director and I have been traveling as friends. Producer Veeresh was very supportive. Ashok Varsha and Hritika all acted brilliantly. Rambabu has given good lyrics. Thank you to everyone who worked on the film. The output is amazing. Everyone should watch the film and support it.”

Director Rajasekhar Ravi shed light on the essence of the movie, stating, “How Krishnarjunus solved their problems by being friends. In this generation, how two friends Krishnarjunus solve their problems. We have made this film in a wonderful way to connect with today’s youth.” He expressed gratitude for the positive response to the show and acknowledged the support of Suresh Production. Ravi Mohan Rao, the co-producer, also emphasized the universality of the film, stating, “All age groups will like this movie.”

Hero Rohit, offering his thoughts on the film, highlighted its theme of friendship, a proven formula for success in the film industry. “All the movies that came out in the background of friendship became hits. It is also believed to be a big success. I want the audience to watch this movie in the theater and enjoy it. All the best to the team. I am sure that this movie will be a success,” he said.

Heroine Hritika expressed her gratitude for being a part of the project, praising the director and producer for the opportunity. “The director has made this movie amazingly. This movie is very special for me. Thanks to the director and producer for this opportunity. The movie was amazing. Everyone must watch it in theatres.”

As the excitement builds around “Haddu Noyera,” it appears that the movie is poised to deliver a captivating and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages. With a talented cast, a director with a vision, and a promising storyline, the film is set to make its mark in the world of cinema. Movie enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its release to witness the magic on the big screen.

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