Divorce! What went wrong with music director GV Prakash Kumar’s life?

Divorce! What went wrong with music director GV Prakash Kumar's life?

GV Prakash Kumar and his wife Saindhavi are no more together. They have announced their divorce, subjecting everyone to surprise. Saindhavi, a singer and vocalist with rooting in Carnatic music, is known to the Tamil audience as a mainstream singer.

Only a couple of years ago, Saindhavi happened to describe GV as an awesome husband and an amazing friend. “He is an incredible father to our daughter. Thank you for being the most amazing person that you are,” she wrote on Instagram on their wedding anniversary.

Netizens are wondering what must have gone wrong with their personal lives. While speculations are rife, nobody knows what caused the duo to take the drastic decision. One hopes they will be able to move on!

GV, on the acting front, was recently seen in ‘DeAr’, co-starring Aishwarya Rajesh.

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