Bhimaa’  Goosebumps the audience: Producer KK Radhamohan

'Bhimaa' Goosebumps the audience: Producer KK Radhamohan

Macho Hero Gopichand Most Awaited Unique Action Entertainer Bhimaa. A Harsha is directing this movie. Produced lavishly by KK Radhamohan under the banner of Sri Sathya Sai Arts. Priya Bhavani Shankar and Malavika Sharma acted as heroines. Every promotional content related to the movie like teaser, trailer, songs got tremendous response. The film will have a grand worldwide release on the occasion of Maha Shivratri on March 8. In this context, producer KK Radhamohan shared the features of the film in a press conference.

How did the ‘Bhimaa’ project start?

Our co-producer Sridhar and director Harsha approached Gopichand with this story. Gopichand liked the story very much. Earlier we worked with Gopichand. He suggested me with that connection. Later I also heard the story. There are many new elements in the story. Gopichand has done police roles before but this role is very different. This is a story in a very new genre. Gopi has not done this genre in the past. At present, the audience is greatly appreciating such stories. We started the project with the belief that it will surely give a new experience to the audience. There are many surprise elements in the story. The audience is very excited to see Gopichand’s getup other than the police in the trailer. We will know what that is on March 8.

If you look at the fantasy elements, Gopichand’s second look, you will get a comparison with Akhanda.. Will it be in a style?

‘Akhanda’ has nothing to do with Bhima. The Parasuram Kshetra shown in Bhima is located in the vicinity of Bangalore and Badami. This is the story that happens there. We have shown Shiva temple and Aghora for ambience. Aghoras have nothing to do with the story. It is a very different movie in terms of story and genre.

Harsha is a well-known director in Kannada, did you think it was risky to introduce him in Telugu?

Every project is a risk for the producer. But we have to believe the story first. Does the story suit the audience’s taste or not? Who are the right actors for the projects? It is important to know what kind of technicians to choose and move forward. Harsha is a very clear director. He is also a choreographer. It was done for the movie Maa Bengal Tiger. Bhima was taken very well. Also choreographed for two songs.

Is Bhima a big budget movie under your banner?

We shot this movie in many different locations like Mangalore, Badami, Udupi, Maredumilli, Vizag. We have created a huge temple set in Annapurna. We shot it without compromising anywhere to suit the story. We want to deliver quality. Because of that the budget has increased. We are happy in terms of insurance business. The teaser trailer has created a lot of buzz. Distributors from all areas have shown great interest in the film. A large number are being released. This is the biggest release in Gopichand’s career. We have also closed OTT and satellite business.

It is said that there will be entertainment in the role of Gopichand. So far only the intense side of him has been shown?

As shown in the trailer, Gopichand’s characterization is the same as Brahma Rakshu. But there is a situational comedy in the story. There is also a small love track. A tough police officer is not tough at home either. We have created such a characterization.

What are the roles of heroines Priya Bhavani Shankar and Malvika Sharma?

The roles of Priya Bhavani Shankar and Malavika Sharma are different. There is a love story between the character of police and Malvika Sharma. Priya Bhavani Shankar is the absolutely fierce character. It should not be revealed now. It is a very powerful character.

How is the VFX work in Bhima?

VFX is very important. We did it without compromising anywhere. We also took the necessary time. Out foot came out great. This is a movie that everyone should experience in theatres.

About Ravi Basrur’s music?

Ravi Basrur did the KGF Salar. Harsha is already acquainted with Ravi Basrur. We thought Ravi Basrur would be good for this movie. The music was better than we expected. Goosebumps while watching a movie. I’ve seen it three times already. Got goose bumps every time I saw it.

About new movies?

There is a Hindi movie going on with Ayush Sharma as the hero. We are preparing to release on April 26. A film in the combination of Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and Vijay Kanakamedala is in the pre-production stage.

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