“An Exploration into the Closure of Movie Theatres”

"An Exploration into the Closure of Movie Theatres"

As a result, movie theater owners in Guntur area and some other parts of Andhra region have not been able to get adequate income for the last few months, hence the charges to the digital providers (UFO, Qube). It has come to our attention that they have closed their cinema theaters citing inability to pay. Similarly in Telangana some movie theater owners used to cancel their theaters due to lack of audience. This was mainly due to low footfall due to elections and IPL, thereby impacting revenues. On this occasion, we would like to convey that we strongly condemn the news that an association has taken a decision to close down the cinema halls regardless of the apex bodies of the Telugu film industry i.e. Telugu Film Trade Council, Telangana State Film Trade Council and Telugu Film Producers Council. We reiterate that no group from Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, cinema owners or any other association has given any notice to the apex bodies regarding closure of cinema theaters on social media, digital media and print media. That is why we are informing that the bandh of theaters is fake. It is a personal decision of some theater owners who closed theaters due to low revenue. In this regard, it is once again clarified that all the above mentioned apex bodies i.e. Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, Telangana State Film Chamber of Commerce and Telugu Film Producers Council have nothing to do with the closure of cinema theatres.

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