“14 Days Love” Promises a Heartfelt Journey: Worldwide Release on Feb 23, 2024

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“14 Days Love.” Produced by Haribabu Dasari under the Supriya Entertainments banner, the film is helmed by director Nagaraju Bodden and stars Manoj Puttur and Chandini Bhagawani in the lead roles. The ensemble cast also includes Raja Ravindra, Sana Sunoor, Anjali, Idream Raja Shridhar, and more.

“14 Days Love” weaves a compelling narrative around the challenges faced by a family’s heirs as they navigate the delicate balance between preserving cherished traditions and facing the inevitable winds of change. Director Nagaraju Bodden, known for his adept storytelling, promises to unravel the intricacies of relationships and the emotional turbulence that accompanies the safeguarding of familial legacies.

Nagaraju Bodden, expressing his deep fascination with the subject, brings to the forefront a keen interest in delving into the emotional intricacies embedded within family dynamics. The film stands as a testament to his commitment to exploring themes that resonate with audiences on a personal level.

“14 Days Love” is not just a film; it’s a journey that combines traditional values with contemporary storytelling. The narrative is poised to strike a chord with audiences, offering a blend of relatable situations, emotional resonance, and an exploration of familial bonds.

The production team, led by producers A Venu, along with line producers Rajesh Kumar Dasari and Vineeth Prakash Dasari, ensures that every aspect of “14 Days Love” comes together seamlessly. Executive Producer Chandrakala Dasari adds her expertise to the project, ensuring a smooth production process.

As the release date of February 23 approaches, the entire team of “14 Days Love” is gearing up for a memorable event. The film is set to hit theaters across the globe, promising audiences an engaging and heartfelt cinematic experience. Get ready to embark on a journey of love, tradition, and familial bonds as “14 Days Love” unfolds on the big screen.

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